When starting your blog composing buckling down on your blog, you feel set up. Presently it’s an ideal opportunity to genuine about your traffic of the blog. It’s increasingly about refining what you are as of now doing in your blog.

Here are the accompanying five simple advances you can begin taking to expand your blog traffic.

Choose Blog Platform :

First choose your blog platform where you can start your first blog like you choose according to your budget (Blogger.com, WordPress, Linkedin). In my point of view WordPress is the best for writing the blog, because it is easy to understand and also change the plugin at low cost. In other way we say that you can control the posting of your blog by the SEO means increase the traffic of your Blog. Also use plugin to make effective of your websites.

If you are start your blog in wordpress, here wordpress guide for the beginner to learn easily like – shout me loud, wpbeginner etc…

Content Writing:

If you are need to build your blog traffic by the substance composing, the best thing you can improve content not copy content. Some people are want to prefer the blog related in own choice of the interest like (someone interest in the cooking and someone in travelling). You check your content quality like Grammar Mistake, Duplicate contents, Error etc..

You also here the word Content is king which is more better for any blog. You check double times when your blog publish, start to analyse the blog in bottom to top means check your content in the below to top. But all time quality of the your content is not prefer. Always read and then start to write the blog. write in own interest not to other because all is depends on you.

Here some free tools for checking the content grammar mistake and Duplicate of your blog like – Duplichecker, Prepostseo, and seoreviewtools etc…


SEO means Search Engine Optimization, It is a process of increasing the high visibility of a website/web-page to users of a web search engine. It is the way to improve your search result visibility in organic way. SEO, whose choose the right word for the right content or blog and creating the high relevant back-links for your websites. SEO are the sending the post in social media to increase the traffic.

Here some important sites which one use to improve your Websites – SmallSeotools, Backlinko. In Small SEO Tools more than 60 free tools to use and improve your blog in effective way.

Guest Posting & Blog Submission:

When blog writing is completed then next step is Guest posting. Guest posting is the way to contributing a post to another’s blogger websites. It is the simplest way to increase the traffic of your websites/web-page. Or in other word we say that it is the way to get backlinks on your own blog and also who is expert in the relevant field then praise for the writing the blogs. To submit your blog in many websites like (educational, travelling, cooking, digital marketing, sports, and technology etc…) related to the field of your blog. It is useful for searching your blog in worldwide. and also make your blog unique like as a brand.

There are some free blog posting and submission site to increase your traffic of your websites – Alltop, Entrepreneur, Moz, Shoutmeloud, 9sites.

Response to Your Blog Comments:

We say that the last step of increasing blog traffic is comment of your all blog and also remove some bad comments on your sites. If you are a websites owner then you try to response (reply) to all blog comments.

Many of people give suggestion and ask some questions then if you know then provide solution of the questions, mostly people follow your instruction. When user satisfied with the your blog he came again in your blog services. You find a loyal users who always check your blog and gives the comments also the user increase the traffic of the blog.

When user satisfied with the your blog he came again in your blog services and you find a loyal users who always check your blog and gives the comments also the user increase the traffic of the blog.

Blogging Tips :

Blog writing instructions:-

  1. Use Eye Catching liens in a title only 55 character with focus keywords.
  2. Use this types of word first in title (Best Guide 2020), (Top – 5), (Use years and Offers and Numeric character).
  3. Use proper keyword in Title & Descriptions and URL.
  4. Use only 1 Focus Keyword Proper in Blog Please…
  5. Targeted Keyword and sentence please improve.
  6. Use only minimum 1 Internal & External link and maximum 2 links in one page and blogs.
  7. Target only single page in single keywords.
  8. Use Focus Keyword in Heading proper.
  9. Use first focus keyword in a title.
  10. Use keywords in descriptions and only 150 characters.
  11. Write Minimums 700 Word Content.
  12. Max keyword Density is 5%.
  13. Use Proper H1 to H6 tags and use in Keywords.
  14. Use 2 External Links.
  15. Use Image in Proper Size and ALT Tag.

Conclusion :

Finally, you make a loyal user to permanent subscriber or premium blogging member with these 5 technique you can get a lot of the traffic on your site, so this is good technique.


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