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Blog Training

Keep a blog, build blogs on major blog platforms , or use your own personal website to build a blog, then complete the blog information, and then need to slowly raise a few days, do not create a new blog immediately sprocket, this is very easy As a result, the blog was deleted, creating the illusion of ordinary users.

Create new blogs. Each blog determines a theme, such as a blog for seo content, b blog for marketing content, and then updates a few fake original articles according to the blog theme every day . You can use fake original tools.

With link. In order to speed up the inclusion of blogs by search engines, you can also take some measures, such as bookmarking blogs with web favorites, leaving messages to celebrity blogs, or submitting blogs to the blog submission portal, and keep updating content before blogs are not included.

Blog Positioning

If you want someone to watch a blog or even become a famous blog, you need to have a clear positioning. With positioning, users think of you when they look for something. With positioning, you have the opportunity to become a celebrity and expert in a certain field, and you can have your own brand. So positioning is important.

You can determine from your own hobbies, or from work, expertise, industry, and even from the genre and style of the article. In short, it must be clear that it is best to focus on a certain field, and it is best that this field is blank (that is, there are no blogs on the Internet that specialize in this field).

Blog Content

For ordinary bloggers, you can write whatever you want. But if you want to be a famous blog that people pay attention to, you can’t do that. In terms of content, there are many techniques, but from the past experience, the following three are the most important.

1.Selection Skills

The topic of each blog post should be selected as a magazine topic. It can be considered from two aspects. One is the content theme related to current hot events and popular information. The other is the content theme that users want to know very much, such as constellations , Health, financial management, education, etc.).

2.Typesetting Correctly

Typography is the face of an article and the interior of a blog. This is like opening a restaurant. In addition to the delicious food, it also needs to have a beautiful decoration and provide a comfortable dining environment for customers. Here are a few basic typography rules:

A. The first line of each paragraph is blank. The two cells mentioned here refer to the length of two Chinese characters.

B. There is a blank line between paragraphs. Only in this way can the article be read without pressure.

C. Use punctuation correctly. For example, you must use full-width symbols instead of half-width symbols in articles. Many friends often write commas and periods as “,” “.” In articles. Specific people can search the keyword “use of punctuation” on the Internet, and find relevant information to learn.

D. Subsections should be subtitled and bold. If an article covers several issues, subtitles in different aspects should be accompanied by bold subtitles, as in this article.

E. Do not modify the font size (the font size is 14), font and color. Any website or forum has a default font size, font, and color, and this standard is basically verified and consistent with the user’s reading experience, so do n’t change the font size, font, and color easily.

Valuable Content

After the blog post is written, the user cannot read it. There is a feeling of eating flies or drinking boiling water. Be sure to let users feel something, either to give customers a sense of getting the scriptures, or to let users have a feeling of finding out what they already know, even if it makes users angry and cause controversy. This is enough to prove that this article was successful because it touched the nerves of the user. Therefore, when you write a blog post, you must not be as casual as writing a diary. Every sentence should be carefully considered and carefully considered.

Blog Design

Search engines prefer a friendly web structure, error-free code, and clearly navigated sites. Make sure your pages are valid and visualized in major browsers. Search engines don’t like too much Flash, i frames, and java script scripts, so keeping your site clean and tidy will also help search engines “spiders” crawl to your site’s index faster and more accurately.

Internal Link of the Blog

The search engine works by crawling webpage information through a “spider” program, tracking content you write, and finding webpages by linking to them, and extracting hyperlink addresses. Many SEO experts recommend that a website provide a site map , with one or two deep links between every page on the site.

Export Link

Deriving links will increase your website ’s ranking in search engines. Linking to other relevant sites in your article is useful to readers, and there is some anecdotal evidence to support this theory. Too many export links will affect the reduction of your website and should be “moderate is the key.”

Subject of Each Articles

The more compact the subject of a page, the better it will be ranked by search engines. Sometimes you find that you have written long articles covering different topics, and their relevance is not high, so they do not rank well on search engines. If you care about search engine rankings, then it’s best to cut such articles into SEO blogs with closer topics.

Write Articles of Appropriate Length

Articles that are too short cannot get a high ranking, and generally control at least 300 words per article. On the other hand, don’t make the article too long, because it will not help you maintain the density of the keywords, and the article will also look lack of compactness.

Avoid Duplicate Content

Search engines have severely warned about the same content on multiple web pages in the user guide. It doesn’t matter whether these pages are owned by you or someone else. Because a series of spam sites is constantly copying web content (and stealing other people’s web content).

Number of Directories

When there are too many directories, bloggers will get into trouble. The more directories, the more comprehensive the search engine searches.

Submit to Search Engine

If you do all the things that a site’s SEO should do, the website has not yet appeared in the search engine. That’s because search engines haven’t started indexing, and each search engine allows users to submit unlisted sites. This project usually takes 3-5 days. SEO is based on long-term exploration and observation of technology and experience, using search engine admission rules to optimize the overall structure of the website, website layout, keyword distribution, and density, so that the website crawls search engines. Friendly, so as to search engine optimization, achieve the effect of improving the ranking of the website .

There are two or three months or more (the GG update is a bit slow).

Optimization Techniques

1: The blog must be kept up to date, and the text always surrounds the keywords and the website theme.

2: SEO optimization focuses on the optimization of article content pages.

3: Add keywords, description (page description), robots (search engine crawler) and other tags to each page as appropriate.

4: Add links to some old articles appropriately in new articles. The internal links of the articles must be natural.

5: The new blog can establish a single keyword strategy to enhance the authority of the site to search engines.

6: As far as possible, use the catalog form for column classification.

7: You can add a sitemap sitemap at the bottom of the web page . The HTML format is for users and the XML format is for search engines.

8: URLs for more important articles can use URL structure such as Pinyin, English, and dividing lines.

9: External link building is important

10: Spam messages must be deleted, which greatly affects rankings.

11: Remember to add alt information related to the article content to each blog post illustration, and add relevant information around the picture.

12: There should not be too many same keywords in the article. If you have to pile up keywords, you can use long tail keywords appropriately .

13: At the end of each article, you can add information such as “original article reprinted, please indicate the source”, “this article first appeared on xyz website” and other information, which will help SEO.

14: By adding TAG tags, the relevance of the topic and the probability of being searched can be enhanced.

15: Title of the article is best to appear in the form of “article title-column category-blog name”.

16: The keyword of the article title should appear once.

17: Keywords should appear in the first or last paragraph.

18: Don’t choose very popular keywords.

19: Do not add a large number of connections at once, let alone delete a large number of connections at one time.

20: Persevere!

Blogging Program

WordPress: It is a blogging platform developed using PHP. Users can set up their own blogs on servers that support PHP and MySQL databases. You can also use WordPress as a content management system (CMS). WordPress is a free, open-source project licensed under the GNU General Public License.

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