Apple and Epic Games are fighting over whether Apple’s tight control over the Apple App Store and its 30 percent cut in revenue count as monopoly behavior.


  • The judge said she did not expect the trial to start until July of next year.
  • Advised Apple and Epic to request a jury to hear the case.
  • Apple does not allow users to download applications from anywhere other than the App Store.

Apple’s App Store as Epic Games Fails Still Unwelcome in Fortnite :

On Monday, Epic Games failed to convince a US judge to have Apple return its hit Fortnite title to the tech giant’s app store, while their legal battle heads to possible trial next year. The two companies are fighting over whether Apple’s tight control over the App Store and its 30 percent cut in revenue counts as monopoly behavior.

United States District Court Judge Yvonne González Rogers had previously rejected a similar request from Epic and appeared to remain unmoved at Monday’s hearing.

The judge said she did not expect a trial on the dispute to begin until July next year, at the earliest; given her schedule.
She advised Apple and Epic to request a jury to hear the case and to issue a brief explaining Monday’s ruling.

Apple doesn’t allow users of its popular devices to download apps from anywhere other than its App Store, and developers have to use Apple’s payment system, which has its share.

The legal battle comes as Apple prioritizes the sale of digital content and subscription services to more than 1 billion people around the world using devices powered by its iOS mobile operating software.

Major app developers, including Epic and streaming music giant Spotify; recently formed a coalition to push for new terms with major online marketplaces operated by Apple and Google.

Google has a Play Store for apps designed for devices that run on its Android software and charges a commission as well; but people can get apps from other places online.

The case comes amid mounting criticism of app store fees and terms, and legal challenges from both Epic and Spotify to Apple’s commission for online subscriptions (Apple app store as epic games).

Apple pulled Fortnite from its online mobile app marketplace on August 13 after Epic released an update that prevents revenue sharing with the iPhone maker.

Apple App Store as Epic Games :

The judge in the case previously rejected an emergency warrant request from Epic, saying that Apple’s eviction of Fortnite was a “self-inflicted injury” “apple app store as epic games“. But Epic did not back down in its fight against Apple, accusing the tech giant of being “a monopolist.”

Due to the legal dispute, Fortnite fans using iPhones or other Apple devices no longer have access to the latest updates to the game, including the new season released in late August.

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