Boost Your Business with Missed Call Service Techvns

Boost Your Business with Missed Call Service

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The SMS world provides you a missed call service to which your customers give a missed call. The number gets registered in your database, which is then forwarded to your clients to increase the chances of lead your target customer to give you a call. One industry that is widely using the missed call services blaster idea is branding for retail firms, with the banking sector following closely. Retail firms prefer to count user response of their ads campaigns via a number of missed calls they receive.

You can call by your automated system directly which rejects the call but captures and remember calls, this service is one of the easiest and the effective methods to boost your sales and the overall business. Hence, on the other hand, the banking sector has done outstanding with the missed call service. It is the best marketing tool for your business.

Therefore, if you want to know your banking details like account balance; mini statement, last transactions, or other info, just give a missed call to the specific number, and you’ll get a quick response via SMS. Also, the ability to begin an intuitive session with your client by incorporating various APIs (SMS, 2 Way Messaging, Voice, Email, Call Back, Call Conference, and so forth…)

Why Choose a Missed Call Service?

It just takes a couple of moments to give a missed call and is an especially simple follow up on part of the guests. The greatest response and investment is acquiring through this mode for overviews and surveys.

However, your clients can connect with you without spending money. You get the opportunity to project a dependable and also trustworthy image as a business entity with such hassle-free services.

Therefore, presently gathering information or conducting surveys will be simpler for your business with a missed call service. At long last; in the event that you ever need a missed call service to advertise your products or services, Linking Earth would be the correct decision.

Did You Know? : Every missed call is an opportunity for your business like – All information in your fingertips, convenient and instant miss call alerts through service?

Being a missed call service provider in Varanasi, we have analyzed that Missed Call Solutions are perfect tools for generating leads; feedback on your item or service, running surveys, gathering instant responses, past data visibility, polls, stopping of specific services through missed call & messaging or when operators are out of office.

Who can use Missed Call Service?

  • Educational Institutions: SMS can be sent by an enlisted educational organization like school | universities or students.
  • Financial Institutions: SMS can be Send by Bank | Insurance Company | Financial Institution | Credit Card Company to their Register Customers. By the missed call solutions you can get your new bank account information within seconds.
  • Hospitality Industry: SMS can be sent by Railway | Airlines or approve offices to travelers in regards to itineraries, ticket booking, travel schedules | reservation.
  • Information Services: SMS can be sent by organization firm | Trading and Bro-ruler Houses (Broking Houses) about installment updates.
  • E-commerce Industry: SMS can be sent by e-commerce agencies to consumers for transaction orders, discounts, and promotions.

So let’s come to know how to boost your business with missed call service:

Missed Call service is very new in the market to generate leads, taking feedback, phone verification, password verification, etc.

Some of the Features are Listed Below:

  • Feedback Service: Missed call service can use as a feedback tool to connect with the customers and to gain the rating and improve business.
  • Web-based Panel: Check the status of a missed call using a web-based panel and you can operate it from anywhere.
  • Generate Leads: Missed call solutions help in speedy acquisition of customers and customer detail in real-time. Each missed call is a prospective client/user.
  • Callback Service: Missed Call Service offers you an auto callback option if needed to never leave a customer for a call.
  • Cash on Delivery Confirmation: Another slightly different way e-commerce companies use this is for confirmation. Hence, in the case of cash on delivery (COD) order or products. Similarly, they send their customers an SMS with a number on which they can give a missed call to confirm the COD order.
  • CRM Integration: You can easily integrate CRM with your missed call number.
  • Poll Campaign & Voting: Missed Call toll-free number enables you to make out live poll campaigns and get feedbacks via phone voting.
  • Bulk Voice Calls for Fundraising: Individuals or companies that are seeking to raise funds for whatever cause can use this platform to send voice messages to many people at back encouraging them to help raise assets for the given reason.
  • 2 Factor Authentication via Missed Call: Authenticate your users via Missed Call without any password hassle also, OTP Authentication over SMS & Voice. Reliable and secure HTTPS API based combination with your applications.
  • Past Data Visibility: You can view your past data anytime on your dashboard.
  • Reminders and Notifications: The messages can send suggestions to specific people, for example, those under drugs to advise them that they have to take them. Also, use the IoT to enhance the service more.
  • New User Activations: Generate intrigue and get new clients drew in with the brands by means of various campaigns.
  • Push and Pull HTTP API: Many of the companies provide you push and pull HTTP APIs. In this service we receive a call, the system will push this number to your server. Therefore, you also have the option to fetch our number any time via simple HTTP API services with missed call notifications.
  • Listen to a Story in Your Language: This a missed call marketing campaign we did with Pratham books, a not for profit organization whose aim is to put a book in every child’s hand. We needed to give even those kids who didn’t approach books, a sample of tuning in to a story.
  • Mobile Number Verification: You can keep away from protracting structures and can likewise spare active informing costs for confirming a mobile number as our framework can push the constant missed call notifications. to your Server. Never miss it for your business.
  • Cloud-Based System: Missed call is a cloud telephony service. Configure, design, and deal with all your mobile campaigns to facilitate cloud foundation and web interface.
  • Stock Alerts & Voter Registration: The automatic voice calls can be utilized to send cautions to applicable gatherings and furthermore in voter enlistments.

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Missed Call Platform is Loaded with Unmatched Advance Features:

  • AB Split Testing
  • Fully In-house Develop Solution
  • Unlimited Call Reporting
  • Geo Mapping on Google Maps
  • IVR Integration
  • 24 x 7 Technical Support & Monitoring
  • Set Auto SMS, Voice Calls, Email’s reply
  • Powerful API’s support for getting Real-Time Data’s
  • Real-time Call Back & Call Conferencing Service
  • Industry Best Data Encryption to safeguard your business data
  • Fully Customizable as per your requirements
  • Applicable to both mobile and landline
  • Real-time Call Forwarding with API’s
  • Increase your customer base
  • Save Running Cost up to 90%


Missed call service is a cost-effective way to advertising your business service and products. It helps you to attract the audience and makes smooth communication for knowing your business more and for giving you considerable leads. The administration will improve your organization’s reputation in the market and cosmetics qualified to contend with your competitors. You can without much of a stretch keep up your records of the clients on a safe database and can utilize it for future possibilities.

In conclusion, the service will reduce your human efforts so that you can concentrate on other business promotion activities and can make an improvement in your services and products. Use a missed call alert service and make your work process more advanced and technology-driven.

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