The Ultimate Personal Blog Writing Tips and Methods, Techvns

The Ultimate Personal Blog Writing Tips and Methods

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Writing a blog is a seemingly simple one, but it’s not easy to write good blogs. How to make your blog a good one requires some methods and skills. After summing up the previous experience. Check “the ultimate personal blog writing tips and methods” a beginner’s guide. So, let’s come to the point –

11 Personal Blog Writing Tips :-

Here are ways you can make your personal blog writing tips and methods for readers: –

Reading excellent works:

Only by reading can you increase your knowledge reserve and literary talent. An excellent article is one of the most powerful reasons to attract others. Always read at all times.

Write as much as possible:

Business blogs are different from personal blog writing. Techvns is short for highlights, while blogs can give authors more room for development, so when writing a blog, try to write as much as possible to make your content more Complete and detailed. Let others understand what is written in the article more clearly.

Write down your inspirations anytime, anywhere:

Inspiration comes from life, so write down your inspirations anytime, anywhere. Sometimes a point that suddenly flashes may be forgotten in the next second, or when you want no longer remember when describing this inspiration. So it’s important to write down your inspiration and blog.

Dedicated writing time:

People should focus on doing everything, personal blog writing tips at Techvns is no exception. Only when you are very focused can you write the highest quality SEO blog work, because the content is King always for any site.


Writing is a single-minded thing. In a noisy environment or doing other things at the same time, it is impossible to write well. Writing requires a quiet environment and a little soft background music.

Plan before you write:

You need to plan before you do everything, so do writing means think then write a beautiful blog. You have to plan, summarize, and arrange what you want to write in the advance personal blogs so that the work you write will be more logical. Research is more important for blogging.


No matter what you do, you need to be innovative. We can’t stick to the rules. Only colorful blog posts can attract the attention of others.

Be concise:

Be concise and concise, do not be stingy, people can not find the point in the business and personal blogs.

Get feedback from others:

There will be no progress behind closed doors. Let others read your articles and give you feedback, preferably experienced writers and editors. They are knowledgeable and will give you very relevant and insightful advice (personal blog writing tips). Listen carefully and accept even some criticisms, loyal to your ears, this will only make you write better.

Use conversational style:

Many people write formally, but writing like we speak makes the article smoother (without interjections). As a result, readers will look more comfortable. It’s difficult to write at first, you need to insist on doing so. Maybe it will bring another problem. In order to be more spoken, you need to break some grammatical rules (like my previous sentence). Because if you use hard grammar, it will make your article look unnatural. If for no other reason, don’t break the grammar rules. You need to know what you are doing and why.

Good beginning and end:

The beginning and the end are the focus of the article. Especially the beginning. If you can’t attract readers at the beginning of the story, it will be difficult for them to read through the entire article with patience. So invest more time to think about how to write a good beginning. Once readers are interested in your beginning post, they will want to know more about you. so, you start to write a long story with the help of Techvns post.

Valuable and Important Point of Personal Blogs for Off-site SEO

Although the traditional blog in India seems to have been replaced by Techvns and faded out of the historical stage, it still has a huge user group abroad, which is one of the main ways for people to get information. Therefore, for cross-border e-commerce sellers, this is also a marketing channel that must be covered to enhance the online influence of the brand and expand the reach of the more audience.

At present, the status of sellers’ blogs can be divided into the following three categories:

  • There is a blog, but it is idle after publishing a few articles.
  • There is a blog and the update frequency is very low quality.
  • No blog at all.

This article will specifically explain why you need a blog and what is the purpose of running a blog.

There are following of the points given below as:-

Purpose and role of the blog

When it comes to marketing goals, the first thing is to improve the search engine rankings, so that consumers can find you, but the key problem for digital marketing is to have content on your website that is easily indexed by search engines. In addition to the static pages on your website, your beautiful personal blog should also be your main contributor to your content marketing strategy.

Here some of the data from Crunchbase, well-known marketing automation, and promotion company, proves that companies with blogs have better marketing results.

Companies with blogs average rates:

  • 55% increase in visitors
  • 97% increase in external links
  • Index page increased by 434%

Blogs can be constantly updated with content, allowing you a lot of opportunities to write articles around key keywords. Demand Metric data shows that companies with blogs generate, on average, 67% more leads per month than companies without blogs.

In addition, your blog posts may be cited by others, embedded in their own blogs and attached to your original text links, which means more exposure and improved search engine rankings. Your blog can be used as another information carrier to share in social media and email marketing and get more reposts to reach more audiences, generating a chain reaction, but the content of static web pages will not have the same impact.

Blogging gives you the opportunity to build trust and loyalty with your audience. By increasing brand awareness, answering their questions, and providing useful information that will help them make purchasing decisions, blog posts are one of the effective ways to attract customers and build relationships with them.

What blogs are not suitable for

Blogs are not magical, they don’t automatically make visitors find your site. There are many things behind the scenes for blog posts to see results, such as SEO and promotion. Often, you won’t see results until months later.

It is recommended not to use blogs to sell your products, but to use it to educate, promote, and entertain your audience, and keep the sales content in other parts of the marketing and sales channels. You can place your blog at the top of the marketing funnel like – Techvns site, because visitors who visit your site for the first time may not be willing to buy, they need to know if they can trust you, so do not use your blog to force them to sell, otherwise, it may they disgusted and left.

Common misconceptions about blogs

One of the common misconceptions about blogs is that it should attract as many readers as possible. In fact, spreading a wider net will not help you catch more fish in the sea of ​​the Internet. Because if you want to attract the general public, your blog should be written for the target customers. You need to do research to fine-tune what you write for niche markets, rather than trying to appeal to everyone.

Moreover, another misunderstanding is “the higher the frequency, the better, the more the number of articles, the better”. Although blogging is important, strategy, stability, and quality are more important than quantity. Reliable content strategies and article writing can accelerate reader conversion.

In addition, no good blog can be successful without a promotion to use more promoting tools and social sites. A successful blog will be attractive and can be continuously shared and reposted. But first, you must promote it on social media platforms and email ads.

How to Better Benefit from Blogging?

Here we mention top useful points that benefit in blogging.

1. Stability is the key

Continuously generating blog content helps you build credibility with your audience and build a subscription list, and there is detailed content that can be promoted on social media. When your readers see you continue to add value to the subscribing community, they will begin to believe in the information you share.

Continued blogging can also help establish your authority in the industry. Following a good link building strategy, you can link your blog page to the solution page of your company’s website, and then other blogs will start linking your high-quality content in their blogs. In the long run, it can help you build a network of links, and Google will also consider your site to be relevant and useful to searchers.

2. Use pictures

Add professional, engaging pictures and charts to your blog posts. The data shows that blog posts with pictures can increase page views by an additional 94%, while business blog posts with infographics can increase page views by 12%.

In addition, when you upload an image, it is recommended to add alt text to the image. Because Google’s image search is becoming more popular, alt text will help make your images appear in search results.

3. Expand the scope of content

After the content is created, you also need to carry out subsequent promotion and dissemination to expand the scope of influence and build brand awareness.

The following promotion strategies are recommended:

  • Share your articles on social channels
  • Create Pinterest-sized pictures and post them on Pinterest along with article links
  • Secondary production of blog post content into video content
  • Get in touch with the bloggers mentioned in your blog post and ask them to help forward

4. Measure performance and make adjustments

Utilizing tools like SEMrush, Ahref, SmallSEOTools, Google Analytics, and Search Console Or Google Webmaster will help you test the performance of your blog content. In addition, you need to focus on audience feedback and try to cater to their preferences and use the data you collect about search results and social media reports to adjust and improve your blog in a timely manner.


Finally, if you have limited writing ability and energy, you can hire a blogging agency or freelance writer to create content for you, but you should at least participate in content strategy and theme discussions. Because only you know your personal blog writing tips that better to know the pain points of your story, your blog should be able to really add the icing on the cake to your business, not a “vase”.

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