Zohra Segal has received such respects as the Padma Shri (1998), the Kalidas Samman (2001), and the Padma Vibhushan (2010). The unique Google doodle in Zohra Segal is designed by artisan Parvati Pillai.

Highlight :

  • Zohra Segal’s full name was Sahibzadi Zohra Begum Mumtaz-Ullah Khan. She was conceived in Saharanpur, India, on April 27, 1912.
  • Attended a renowned art dance school in Dresden, Germany, in her early twenties and later visited the world with Indian moving pioneer Uday Shankar.
  • Zohra Segal Google Doodle; It was on this day in 1946 that Segal Neecha Nagar’s film (Lower Town) was screened at the Cannes Film Festival.

Google Doodle Iconic Indian Actress and Dancer Zohra Sehgal :

Zohra Sehgal Google Doodle: Iconic Indian entertainer and entertainer Zohra Sehgal was respected on Tuesday by Google, which included her in a Doodle on its landing page. Sehgal was one of the first specialists in the country to achieve worldwide recognition. Indian actress Zohra Sehgal earned a share of the country’s highest honors, incorporating the Padma Shri in 1998, the Kalidas Samman in 2001, and the Padma Vibhushan in 2010.

Sehgal was conceived on April 27, 1912 in Saharanpur, in what is now Uttar Pradesh. She learned to dance with art at a noble school in Dresden, Germany, in her early twenties. Later he visited all over the world with Indian moving pioneer Uday Shankar.

Much later, in 1945, Sehgal joined the Indian People’s Theater Association and devoted herself to acting. A part of his renowned films included Neecha Nagar (Humble City), which was presented on this day in 1946 at the Cannes Film Festival. The film won the celebration’s highest honor, the Palme Zohra Sehgal Indian actress.

After Sehgal emigrated to London in 1962, she appeared in British television works of art such as Doctor Who and the 1984 miniseries The Jewel in the Crown. He also took on a role on Bend it Like Beckham.

Sehgal kicked the bucket on July 10, 2014 in New Delhi.

Google’s Doodle Blog Said :

”This Doodle, shown by visiting artisan Parvati Pillai, pays tribute to famous Indian artist and Singer Zohra Segal, one of the country’s first women to achieve recognition on the world stage. Among Segal’s early notable works was a role in the film “Neecha Nagar” (“Humble City”), which was shown that day in 1946 at the Cannes Film Festival. Generally seen as the world’s first basic achievement for an Indian film, ‘Neecha Nagar’ won the celebration’s highest honor – the Palme d’Or award.”

Zohra Sehgal Indian Actress :

Tuesday’s doodle was planned by direct artisan Parvati Pillai. “I grew up seeing her as the evergreen grandmother and was captivated by her adoration for acting and movement, particularly in her dusk years. She taught me what it meant to be energetic in my work and never fear new difficulties,” said Pillai (Zohra Sehgal Indian actress).

Zohra Sehgal made every second count. In today’s trying times, it’s critical to have hope and keep smiling!” Pillai included.

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